About us

ONLY MOTIVATED is the official resource for Darren Sugiyama's books, motivational training videos.

Darren Sugiyama started his entrepreneurial path with nothing more than a dream and a whole lot of ambition.  He used the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel in Newport Beach as his "office" along with several Starbucks locations because he had no money, and it was free. 

In his first year in the insurance industry, Darren made a total of $277 in personal income for the entire year.  His friends and family thought he had lost his mind, but what they didn't realize was that he was reinventing the wheel. 

By his seventh year in the industry, Darren had built a $37 million insurance agency and was the most loved and most hated person in the industry.  Since then, he has published four books, has become a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker and sales coach, and has built several other successful businesses. 

His style is unapologetically blunt, brutally honest and void of any fluff.  ONLY MOTIVATED is an online store dedicated to making Darren Sugiyama's best motivational and training material available to only motivated people like you.