How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years

How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years

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This is the tell-all book of how Darren Sugiyama built a $37 million insurance agency in less than 7 years. 

Darren started off in the insurance industry in 2003.  In his first year, he showed a dismal income of $277 for the entire year.  His friends and his family thought he had lost his mind.  He sent out to reinvent the wheel which everyone told him would not work.  People literally laughed at him and his crazy ideas. 

He ran his business out of hotel lobbies and Starbucks.  But by his 3rd year, he had built a firm that was doing over $20 million in annual sales... $30 million by his 5th year... and by his 7th year, he had built a $37 million insurance agency. 

His firm was the #1 broker in the country for Kaiser Permanente... the #1 broker in the country for Health Net... the #1 broker in the country for Colonial Life... #2 in the state of California for Aetna... and the list goes on.  In this book, he discusses his unorthodox approach to the industry and how he went from zero to $37 million in less than 7 years. 

His philosophies defy common logic.  His method is unapologetically blunt.  And his brand is brash.  The style of this book is no different.


“Straight to the point. No BS. This book has all that you need. I do not intend buying any more books on sales. I like that the author clearly states that despite all the bells and whistles which are necessary you still have to work your butt off. Universal rule.”  -Michael Brien

“I borrowed this book from one of my former agents and couldn't put it down. I stayed in last night and read through the book in less than 2 days. It generated immediate ideas to enhance the operation of my agency… so much so that I just ordered the Icon Effect on line.”  -Lauren Uhl

“This book embarked the beginning of a legacy being built by Darren Sugiyama and his team. Purchased in bulk by a multi-billion dollar company, I've had the pleasure of not only reading, but actually experiencing the training behind the story with the author himself. While my agency operates in a different fashion (as many do)the lesson has been engrained and our sales have continued to rise steadily year over year. I highly encourage to start with this read, then move to the next book, The Icon Effect.”  -Jillian Walters

“Darren is the real deal, he inspires drive, ambition and passion. As a sales manager I have personally implemented his tools in the reality of a commission driven sales world , and they work! The structure with enthusiasm is a formula for confidence. There is no success without confidence and this world thrives on perception and first impressions. If you are lazy and entitled this probably is not for you. But if you are looking for some real life motivation and a path to put you in the right direction...start here!”  -Craig Westlund