Living Outside The Cubicle (Audio Book)

Living Outside The Cubicle (Audio Book)

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Written by multi-talented entrepreneur Darren Sugiyama, this book clarifies, directs and inspires all who dream of one day becoming a successful entrepreneur.  This is Darren Sugiyama's 2nd published book - Living Outside The Cubicle: The Ultimate Success Guide For The Aspiring Entrepreneur.

If you've ever dreamed of accomplishing greatness, and building your own business, this book lays down the blueprint of how to achieve massive success in both business, and life in general.

Darren not only shares his secrets on what has made him successful, but also teaches you his step-by-step process of business development, goal setting, marketing, branding, leadership, and confidence building.

Never before has there been a book that has fully encompassed each step of becoming a successful entrepreneur, where you can say to yourself, "Now I know EXACTLY what I need to do!" This book will literally change your business life forever.


“This book is not only the most thoughtful, cogent discussion of "best practices" for entrepreneurs that I have ever read, it is one of the few books that actually grapples with the emotional, social, and even philosophical dimensions of wresting oneself from the cubicle. But it is the narrative flow, order and syntax of the ideas that makes this book so profound and compelling. I've read hundreds of books in this genre. This one is by far the best.”  -Daniel Dashnaw

“After 31 years in business and reading hundreds of books on business, Living Outside the Cubicle is now top 3. A GREAT read for any entrepreneur. I plan on reading it again!”  -Mike Stromsoe

“A MUST READ!!!! I've read so many 'entrepreneurial' and self-help books looking for those golden nuggets to help my career and my companies. This entire book is a golden nugget. Darren says it like it BS. He shares all of his secrets on what it takes to build a successful company from ground zero.”  -Alex Isaly

“I'm a young entrepreneur who is eager to learn. One of the greatest lessons Darren Sugiyama taught me is how to get past one of the greatest obstacles an Entrepreneur can ever face... the negative opinions of "Cubicle Minded People," which is probably the majority of your friends & family. Mr. Sugiyama showed me how to overcome this mental & emotional obstacle, and then he lays out a plan for reaching Success by ALL standards, Financial and Beyond. He touches on everything from the emotional & ethical aspects of entrepreneurship to the nitty gritty of closing deals and building a fortune to last for generations. Serious Entrepreneurs buy this book NOW, and get some copies for your cubicle minded friends & family who are suppressing their God-given talents. Highly Recommended!!!”  -C.J. Tesoro

This product is sold on a different website.  To order, CLICK HERE