Ouch - How My Financial Advisor Lost Me $930,000 In Three Years

Ouch - How My Financial Advisor Lost Me $930,000 In Three Years

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This book is Darren Sugiyama's blueprint to navigating through the confusing (and intimidating) world of financial planning.

As CEO of DaVinci Financial, Darren Sugiyama has branded his firm as the "Anti-Financial Advisor Financial Advisory Firm."

His latest campaign #dothemath is perhaps the most refreshing and revolutionary approach to financial advising, and without a doubt the best financial literacy education the industry has ever seen. He takes a brutally honest and transparent look at the world of investments, annuities and life insurance.

He recounts how he once hired a financial advisor that gave him bad advice... advice that lost him $600,000 and resulted in him owing the IRS and the State of California $330,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest.

Obsessed to discover the real truth about the ill advice he received, he uncovered some of the biggest lies, deception and dirty little secrets that financial advisors don't want their clients to know.  As a result of him taking such a huge financial loss, Sugiyama decided that instead of crying over spilled milk, that he would become a crusader in teaching people all the pitfalls financial advisors can lead you into, and how to avoid becoming a financial victim.

On the heels of discovering the truth, Sugiyama started a new financial advising firm whose mission is to uncover and expose the real truth about what clients can and should be doing.

Sugiyama says, "I'm not a financial advisor. I don't advise my clients to do anything. I'm a financial CLARIFIER. I clarify the truth about the REAL mathematics of investing. If you do the REAL math, the math will tell you the truth, and the decision regarding your financial plan will become obvious... if you're working with the right financial clarifier. Forget the SIMPLE math, because typically the guy that only shows you the simple math walks away with all your money."

This book is the first step in increasing your financial literacy and possibly for the first time in your life, to take control of your financial future.