The Icon Effect (eBook Version)

The Icon Effect (eBook Version)

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If you want to learn how to change the direction of your life, this is the book for you.

Vincent is a 27-year old aspiring entrepreneur with big dreams. But after going through a devastating divorce, he finds himself emotionally drained, lacking confidence and dead broke.

However, a chance encounter with The Icon (a billionaire business mogul) results in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the direction of his life, forever. Vincent becomes the newest protégé of The Icon, and is offered an internship at the most powerful wealth management firm in Beverly Hills.

The Icon becomes his business mentor, his father-figure and his best friend. In Vincent’s pursuit of money and power, The Icon introduces him to several very wealthy and powerful mentors – his former protégés.

The Icon Effect is both an inspirational story and an aspirational story about the power of faith, belief and second chances. You will undoubtedly find yourself rooting for Vincent the underdog as he discovers the magic of having a true mentor.


“Rocky meets Wall Street, this book motivates you to becoming a better YOU, constantly defining the true meaning and importance of a mentor.”  -Jeffrey Layll

“A book about facing life struggles head on and how to persevere and keep on going. The Icon's rules will definitely motivate and inspire you.”  -Ariyanto Gunawan

“Am 28 years old and this is the best book I've read that shook me and left me with tears in the end, no joke.”  -Fadi Fadood

“Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I had to finish it.  I wish I had read it 10 years earlier in life! Very inspiring for the Entrepreneur/Self-Starter. I highly recommend it!”  -Lisa Alward

“This book is priceless. I can't begin to count how many a-ha moments went off in my head while reading The Icon Effect. This is a great read for anyone starting their career/adult life or someone like me who is mid-career and looking to improve in all phases of life.”  -John Foley

“Darren Sugiyama hit it out of the park with The Icon Effect. My wife and I couldn't put our books down for much else, once we got started. The life journey of this man keeps you engaged with his subtle humor and his realistic vibe of what an everyday average Vincent is like and how opportunity can come in a multitude of ways. This book not only carried us on a journey, it taught us some outstanding life lessons... maybe an added 25 commandments to the Bible's 10. The lessons taught in this book have already been in use by my wife and me, as they apply to everyday living.”  -Matt Marks